North Fork Retriever Training Programs

North Fork Retrievers is dedicated to having a program that turns out well rounded retrievers. Whether it's Basic Obedience, Puppy Head Start, Basic Gun Dog Training, or Advanced Gun Dog Training, we work to make you proud of your dog. All of our clients are encouraged to come as much as possible so that they can learn as well.

Basic Obedience
North Fork Retriever's Basic Obedience program last about a month typically and is offered for clients who don't hunt but want an obedient companion. Basic obedience commands are taught including sit, stay, here, and down.

Head Start Puppy
The Puppy Head Start program is for people who are busy and do not have the time to spend with their new pup. This program offers these people a way to get their pup socialized so that when it's time to start formal training, it will be ready. In this program, we introduce your pup to the training environment that it will be exposed to late including birds, gunfire, taking trips, and socialization with people. This program can be very beneficial for people who want a hunting dog but don't have the time to socialize a pup.

Basic Gun Dog Training
The Basic Gun Dog program lasts about four to six months and starts with approximately one month of basic obedience training. This is where all the basic commands are taught including sit, here, stay, and down. These commands are also taught along with the whistle at this time. Retrieving desire is also tested during this program by hand-thrown birds or dummies. The retriever is also force broken and collar conditioned at this time.

Once all this is done, the retriever is taken to the field and thrown tons of marks on both land and water where steadiness is encouraged. Gunfire, live birds, dog stands, and blinds are also introduced in this program.

Advanced Gun Dog Training
The Advanced Gun Dog Training program is for long-term committments and lasts from two to three years depending on how advanced you want your retriever to be. This program is for the client who wants a finely-tuned gun dog that handles with whistle blows and casts. It is also for a client who is interested in hunt test (AKC/HRC) and Super Retriever Series competition training. During this time, the retriever is taught to mark multiple retrieves and how to handle. Drills used to accomplish these tasks include Baseball, Force to Pile, Single and Double-T drills, and swim-bys. Once these drills are competed, we introduce tons of pattern blinds on both land and water.

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