At North Fork Retrievers, we train and hunt in some of the roughest terrain and conditions on earth and we have to have a collar that can stand up to those conditions. Our Dogtra collars work day-in and day-out without fail and I can't see us using anything else.

Avery Sporting Dog
Avery Sporting Dog and Avery Waterfowl products are by far the most dependable and user friendly products on the market today. These products were developed by the best dog trainers and hunters in the world. No one else compares and that's why I use Avery.

Advantage Multi
Advantage Multi is the sole heartworm preventative used at North Fork Retrievers. We have used all the other products with very low success. Since we started using Advantage Multi we are proud to say the we have had zero product failures. If you live in the Mississippi Flyway, I would definitely give this product a try.

Hunting Retriever Club

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